Productive Day III – Carl.

Yesterday myself and Adrian met up to talk over some important album/artwork related stuff. The plan was to meet at the studio, but as it was such a nice day out [A rarity in the UK] I thought I’d ask if Ade would like to come meet me at the pub where I worked at to talk in the Sun over a pint.

We drew up a provisional track order for the album which we are very happy with. Then discussed what would be going in the inlay and how many pages and such. Important things to be considered. I am right now typing up the notes we made to forward on in electronic form to the rest of the guys and the record company. Hopefully everyone will agree with what we came up with 🙂 If not then we can iron out the creases. This is all being sorted out now as we are aiming for an 8 week completion date for the songs to be recorded and artwork finished! Fingers crossed.

After the band stuff was out of the way, Ade had to shoot off, but I stayed in the pub. Needless to say that I got rather drunk. As tends to happen when you end up on an unplanned night out! I was on the tequila and Stella. A fine combination, even if I do say so myself! Pub quiz was on, which we totally nailed. Well, we would’ve done if the questions were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle related. As for some reason, they became my default answers to questions I didn’t know [read: all questions]

Stayed at my friend’s house and ended up falling asleep in the bathroom. I am not really sure of the reason behind this. My only thought is that my friend’s house is quite hot and the bathroom is nice and chilly. My friend, lovely as he is, decided it would be the perfect time to take this rather candid picture of me enjoying my sleep.


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