The Curse of ebay – Carl.

So I have an ebay account, just as millions of other people do. I didn’t use it for any of 2010 though, I just dropped off the ebay map. Didn’t sign in to it, didn’t look at any auctions. Went totally cold turkey and everything was good. Then I bought an Olympus OM10 camera body from a friend but needed a lens. So I signed in to ebay to have a look, having totally forgotten what happens when I sign in to ebay. It’s safe to say that I can get addicted  Continue reading


Marry Another? – Adrian.

Yes, yes. We’re still here. Finally an actual computer to compose this on. Seems like we’ll be having a bit of a shake up in the next few weeks, no bad nor good thing. C’est la vie. And we continue.
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Back t’North… – Adrian.


So London was lots of fun! Had a fine time in Greenwich..


The Twitter Joke Trial benefit was pretty damn good too! Highlights for me were Stephen Fry’s excellent oration and Al Murray in general, cracking stuff.

Now back to normality and Marry Another stuff. Exciting times ahead. Our next gig sees us playing a Love Music Hate Racism fest on the 30th April…

Adrian. (ade_ma)

RX Bandits call it a day – Carl.

So RX Bandits have called it a day and are doing the final tour this Summer. I am actually heartbroken by this sad news. They are one of my favourite bands, both on record and live. I have never had a favourite band break up on me before. I have to say, it’s pretty horrid. This is a huge loss to me personally, and music as a whole. They have always evolved their sound over the years and I felt like I have grown with them.

The closest I have come to feeling like this before over a band was when ‘The Fall of Troy’ broke up. That was also pretty upsetting, but I hadn’t been into them for as long as RX Bandits. Although whenever TFOT came into town we would always hang out afterwards and party the night away. So it was like losing a band and a friend.

Time for a day of RX Bandits music now.


Peace, Love and Unity


Garden Drinking – Ade & Carl

So myself and Ade are now enjoying the sunshine in his back garden with a few beers and some kickin tunes!! Our plan for the day is to mix some songs that we recorded a while ago, and have a damn good time. Maybe write a new song or two and eat some junk food.

Keep your ears peeled and your eyes open for new tracks over the next few days.

Much love. Carl and Ade.