The Curse of ebay – Carl.

So I have an ebay account, just as millions of other people do. I didn’t use it for any of 2010 though, I just dropped off the ebay map. Didn’t sign in to it, didn’t look at any auctions. Went totally cold turkey and everything was good. Then I bought an Olympus OM10 camera body from a friend but needed a lens. So I signed in to ebay to have a look, having totally forgotten what happens when I sign in to ebay. It’s safe to say that I can get addicted to looking at auctions.

I am worried, not only for my sanity (or what’s left of it) but also for my bank balance. (more worried about bank balance to be honest) I am an ebay sellers dream. I once spent £50 on a CD because I wanted it. I don’t like not getting what I want and will pay through the roof for my item. This is something I need to watch. I like the buy it now auctions. I used them quite a lot in 2009 to stop me from going crazy. However, in 2009 I had more spare money than I do now. I actually have to budget.

So what I am saying is this. Anyone wanna sell me sweet lenses for an OM10 for cheap! :p

Seriously though. I really need to have a sensible limit and only bid within my budget and not on hundreds of things at once. Only look on ebay when I have money to stop me being tempted. This is all well writing it down, I just hope I can follow through!


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