Another new song… – Adrian.

‘The Company’ this time. Uploaded to the ‘Recordings’ page. If you’d like to know exactly what this is all about, past posts should fill you in for the meantime. But keep your ear to the ground and eventually it will be fully delineated!

Adrian. (@ade_ma)

Gulliver’s and Big Cartel (and stuff). – Adrian.

Hello folks!

I haven’t posted for a while; we have been busy mixing and such, but I will make this short and succinct. We have a gig one week today at a place called Gulliver’s in Manchester. Not to be confused with Gulliver’s World nor Swift’s story – this place is even better. For a start it’s licensed. If you would like a ticket to this glorious event (cue Facebook page):

which is our first gig after a fair old bit of messing about, and probably one of our last until our album is finished, then get in touch. Advance tickets are ¬£5 from us, I’m sure we could sort out a Paypal arrangement of some description, there’s still time! Our email address is

On the subject of how to purchase items from the vast underbelly of the internet, we have an online store which I don’t think I’ve mentioned! It’s here

You can purchase our first CD, from a while ago, or a splendid t shirt. Don’t all order at once though, I have to write the notes and post the blooming things…

It should not be forgotten that you can still buy our debut single, ‘The Spectator’ from all good music etailers, including this one:

That’s all for now, not as short nor concise as I’d originally planned, but worse things happen at sea.

See you at a gig!

Adrian. (@ade_ma)


It’s true. We haven’t gone into hibernation or hiatus or whatever it is that bands do before they get back together. We have been working hard on new material. Finishing off a self produced War Poetry EP and coming to terms with being a 4 piece for the moment. [4 and a half. Ewan is just so far away and so busy that he can only make certain gigs.]

So I decided to whet your musical appetites with one of the songs from the War EP. The EP is called ‘Good Night, Good Luck, Keep Watch’ and it’s been a labour of love to say the least! The song I decided to load up is one of my favourites from the EP and it’s titled ‘The Gal’ It’s not quite finished yet so it has been loaded up in the ‘Demo Songs’ section. It just needs a tiny bit more mixing and a female vocalist to replace the male guide track. However, I think it’s good enough to be online to get you all curious as to what else we have been up to. I also personally really enjoy hearing demo songs from bands. It’s nice to see how the songs take shape and inevitably change. With that in mind, I also loaded up two more songs that we have Demo’d for our debut Album.

Head over to the ‘Demo Songs’ page and have a listen now. I hope you enjoy our little ditties.

Much love.


Banjo – Carl.

So a few years ago I bought a banjo on a whim, as one does. I played a few gigs with it in the band, wrote a few parts for songs but never really dedicated myself to it as I should. It slowly got relegated to it coming out every couple of months, to just going in storage.

Well, like the phoenix, it has risen from the ashes to be played again! I am really enjoying playing it this time around, in no small part because of Sufjan Stevens and a capo. If you don’t know who Sufjan is, shame on you! If you do, then you will know he plays the banjo a fair amount on his albums, but it is not super fast banjo that most players are obsessed with. This has been great for me, as when I am learning, I like to play along at first. It helps get me excited about the instrument and it feels like you are jamming with a band.

So, the banjo might well be out again for future gigs, and even on record. Keep your fingers crossed if you are a fan of this under appreciated instrument!

A Happy Sadness – Carl.

So today would’ve been a day filled with joy. Instead that joy has been very much overshadowed by sadness. I am not really one for sharing my soul on the internet, but someone very close to me is now lay in a hospital bed recovering from a serious car accident. I can’t visit at it happened in another country. Which makes it worse.

I had made plans to go to see one of my favourite bands of the moment. Twin Atlantic. I am still going to go, as I know that my friend wouldn’t want me to sit around being sad when we were both so excited for this day.

It’s just odd to be excitedly sad and I felt like I had to get it off my chest. There have been a lot of negative things happen around me and the band, but as always, it’s better to look forward and to brighter days. So I just leave you with these words.

Bones may break, but bones will heal.

People may leave, but they leave the door open for new ones to enter.

Sadness is the contrast that enables happiness to exist.