Being the Good Guy (Red Faction Armageddon) – Carl.

Another game related post. Sorry!

Well, I downloaded the Red Faction Armageddon demo a few day ago. I have never played any of the other Red Faction games, but I am loving this demo. The Magnet Gun is amazing.

Now as most other people who played this game will have done, I destroyed everything. And I do mean everything. This was fine and dandy for a while, but then I realised that I would never be that much of a dick. If I had the power to rebuild any surrounds that had been damaged, even before I had gotten there, then I would. I wouldn’t just destroy everything and bound through the world like a toddler with a bazooka! So, on that thought, I started to play the game a little differently.Everything that Continue reading

PS3 Free Games – Carl.

Ahhh the joys of free 🙂

I went for Infamous and Dead Nation. I had already played Infamous and finished the first Island, completing all side missions as well. I came to play my free downloaded version today and it couldn’t find my save data. Bit annoyed about that, so if anyone could help me out in that regard then leave a comment. I would be very happy. I may even send you a free song. Being that everyone loves free stuff!!

The other game I haven’t had chance to play yet. Though I hear it is co-op online. So if you wanna play it with me then leave your PS3ID and we can kill some zombies together.

I also have a PSP, which meant I got 2 more free games. I went for Pursuit Force for the first. I haven’t decided on the second yet. Would love to know what you think of the other choices. I am drawn to Modnation Racers.

smellypunksocks is my PS3ID. I will be buying a new headset soon. My previous one got destroyed by tiny little hands.


Ok so tomorrow sees us play Gullivers in Manchester for Guerilla Radio, a Northern Cats night. We’re on at 8.45pm, and it’d be belting to see some of you there! It’s only a fiver to get in and will be one of the last gigs we do before we release our album, so probably the rest of Summer, (if it turns up) at least…

Come see us!

Adrian. (@ade_ma)