Fisheye – Carl.

So I got my Fisheye 2 plus Underwater case. Very happy with it. Rushed to finish my first roll to see the results. I am very pleased. Can’t wait to go swimming with the little beast and document underwater fun!

I do have some concerns about the build quality though. Does anyone else own a Fisheye2 Lomography camera? If so, please could you confirm if this is normal or not.

Advance wheel issue. When I wind on to the next frame, for the first 5 or so, it winds back a little when I release it. I can also wind the wheeel back as well.

Film winder issue. The arm is loose. I feel like it should snap back down, but it wobbles freely.

Are these normal quirks, or do I have a fault?


New Camera High!! – Carl.

So I am going on Holiday next month for 3 weeks to a beautiful country. I don’t really need to buy any new clothes for it really. Got enough shorts and t-shirts to last a lifetime. However, I was given a voucher for for my birthday and have been struggling trying to decide what to spend it on. I was going to get £50 worth of film, but felt like it wasn’t really a wise thing to do.

A week ago I had a brain wave. I should get an underwater camera so that I can go to the beach and take sweet shots. I finally got round to buying my camera today. I got a fisheye 2 plus the waterproof casing. I also treated myself to 3 rolls of film. Total cost to me £43. A saving of like £73 as it was a bundle deal, plus I had some piggies to spend (lomography website term)

I have also been playing my guitar recently. I have totally fallen in love with playing CKY riffs. So much fun. Plus, great little finger work outs as they have big stretches in the songs.

I have also got some really great shots back that I am very proud of. I will save those for another day though.


One other thing. How do people blog daily!! Seriously, my life is pretty busy and I don’t even do that much!! Madness. I shall re-focus myself on blogging again. I realise that we have had a lull in posts and this is not acceptable! I can only apologise.  :p


Catch you on the flip side.