So much for at least 3 times a week :p – Carl.

So the plan was to share the updating between myself and Adrian so that we would have at least 3 posts a week. Well, it turns out that we failed at that! We started off good, but damn, I don’t think we lead interesting enough lives you know!!

I have some stuff I can write about, and I will do. This is just a message to say sorry :p We will pick it back up.


To be honest, I went through a bit of a, how can I say this, loss of passion for music. I guess that’s the best way to put it. I let photography take over my creative mind. I need to get a balance back in my life of music and photography. I still love music, but I just haven’t been drawn to my instruments lately. It happens every so often though. I think I just need a new string set on all instruments and an amp that doesn’t piss me off. Plus I am kinda lusting after some pedals as well. hahah.