The War E.P. and other recording news. – Carl.

We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Most songs are fully mixed. Finally recorded the last song live as we wanted it to have a campfire singalong type feel to it. Adrians dad even got in on the act. Really pleased. We just have to get the female vocals recorded for ‘The Gal’ and then it’s complete. It’s a great feeling to be this close to the end.

In other recording news. We are planning on heading back into the studio to finish our long awaited debut album. Hopefully this will be all recorded by the end of November. Then we can start to get the artwork and other such details finalized.

I am still working on the video to ‘Damn You Strawberry Lace’ but the program I was using is a pain to sync up audio to video. I am trying a few other options. I want to find one that I am really comfortable with because I will have a lot of video editing to do for The War E.P. mini doc that we filmed whilst recording it.

One final thing. We are planning on putting on a night around March next year. More info as and when we decide on things.

Much Love.


Marry Another.

New (Old) Song Update – Adrian.

OK, so Carl was true to his word and managed to get the song sorted.  Basically it’s an idea that’s been kicking around for a while that we never did anything with, as he says it’s unlikely to be released anywhere else; it’s just this idea of putting tid-bits out there in the hope that they will keep you all entertained!

It’s a pretty sad song, the lyrics date back to quite a chaotic time for someone I know. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but perhaps some people will relate. In complete anachronism to this is the songs title, “Damn You, Strawberry Lace”. This occurred after at a venue we were playing, Carl, after three days of not sleeping due to nights out/work was is in something of a sorry state; fighting a losing battle with a cardboard cup of pick ‘n’ mix, when he uttered this very phrase. These are the kind of things I just have to write down to use as song titles when the obvious choice would be too derivative and generic. And to inject a certain amount of cheer into an other wise dour subject.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy!

‘Damn You, Strawberry Lace!’

By the way, as Carl mentioned, there’s a video on its way!

New Song Delay – Carl

So I was going to be posting a little acoustic number that myself and Ade recorded on Thursday night. However, I am having issues with Pro Tools at home. I am trying to fix it now, I hope I can sort it quickly. If not then I will just have to use it at the studio, but that will mean waiting a few more days before it is up.

I can tell you about it though. 🙂


It is called ‘Damn You Strawberry Lace’ I play 12 string guitar on it, Ade sings and plays 6 string guitar. We played it live in the studio after taking 10 minutes to jam it out. We also set up a few cameras and I am gonna cut together a little live video for it as well. It is raw. No overdubs or retakes. We played it through 3 times, and I am just going to use one of the takes.


This is something that if the feedback is good for it, we will do more often. It’s something fun. The songs won’t be on the album (I don’t think) just some acoustic tracks to share with you guys whilst we sort out the album.


So, just sit tight and it will be with you soon 🙂