So I Recorded This Song… – Carl.

Following on from Adrians post. I wanted to fill you in on the recording process for this song. We wanted a specific sound for it. I hope that we got it.

The feel of the song we were going for was that of a campfire sing-a-long. We decided to record Adrian live with just 2 mics in the room aimed at him but not closely. We wanted to capture the rooms natural acoustic properties and not make it sound too polished. Basically, vocal and guitar down the same channels live.

I think we did this in 1 or 2 takes. I can’t quite remember that detail. What I do know though is that this is a largely improvised song. We had some writing that Adrian had compiled for the EP and we read through them as a band. Then we picked parts of the writing that moved us and that was the basis of this song.

For the chorus we had to do some overdubbing. What you hear in that is the band singing, plus a few special guests. It was fun and really gives it that campfire feel in my opinion.

Keen eared people might also notice bird chirps and dog barks. We simply stuck some microphones outside and let them record the world for a few minutes. The dog barking on the recording was called Chandler. Sadly no longer with us. So it’s nice to have his voice on record as well. You can also hear some cracking at the start of the track. I have a nasty habit of cracking my fingers…(it was left on as I personally thought it sounded like the crackle of a campfire dying down)

So now you have a bit of a story from both sides. How it came to be, and how we got the sound.

To hear the song just head to our recordings page and press play on ‘The Prisoner’



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