Marry Another, whats in a name eh? Quite a lot in this case; the resident skin tanner Matt is to blame, after waking up on the floor of a student flat exclaiming “Matt’s dead. Marry another…” Yet how romantically tragic does it sound? Adrian and Matt had already been playing together for years at this point, the two being brethren, in a band that they really loved but was ultimately destined to flounder.

From here enters Carl (most definitely from stage right) to play bass. He’d been playing in some very different bands! Adrian had been kicking song ideas around for a while, and it seemed like the perfect outlet. From here we welcome the arrival of Whiskey, who was a friend of Carl’s and all round musical genius (by popular opinion) and the four of them got on famously, writing, playing, drinking, repeat… There have been a few interim members along the way and for them Marry Another are grateful, and not-a-one has parted badly from the band, in fact they’re pretty much all still in touch.

The final puzzle piece welcomed into the fold was Sophie, and they haven’t looked back, and don’t plan to! And that guys and gals is the story of Marry Another.

And it is to be continued…