Gulliver’s and Big Cartel (and stuff). – Adrian.

Hello folks!

I haven’t posted for a while; we have been busy mixing and such, but I will make this short and succinct. We have a gig one week today at a place called Gulliver’s in Manchester. Not to be confused with Gulliver’s World nor Swift’s story – this place is even better. For a start it’s licensed. If you would like a ticket to this glorious event (cue Facebook page):

which is our first gig after a fair old bit of messing about, and probably one of our last until our album is finished, then get in touch. Advance tickets are ÂŁ5 from us, I’m sure we could sort out a Paypal arrangement of some description, there’s still time! Our email address is

On the subject of how to purchase items from the vast underbelly of the internet, we have an online store which I don’t think I’ve mentioned! It’s here

You can purchase our first CD, from a while ago, or a splendid t shirt. Don’t all order at once though, I have to write the notes and post the blooming things…

It should not be forgotten that you can still buy our debut single, ‘The Spectator’ from all good music etailers, including this one:

That’s all for now, not as short nor concise as I’d originally planned, but worse things happen at sea.

See you at a gig!

Adrian. (@ade_ma)

Garden Drinking – Ade & Carl

So myself and Ade are now enjoying the sunshine in his back garden with a few beers and some kickin tunes!! Our plan for the day is to mix some songs that we recorded a while ago, and have a damn good time. Maybe write a new song or two and eat some junk food.

Keep your ears peeled and your eyes open for new tracks over the next few days.

Much love. Carl and Ade.

Productive Day III – Carl.

Yesterday myself and Adrian met up to talk over some important album/artwork related stuff. The plan was to meet at the studio, but as it was such a nice day out [A rarity in the UK] I thought I’d ask if Ade would like to come meet me at the pub where I worked at to talk in the Sun over a pint.

We drew up a provisional track order for the album which we are very happy with. Then discussed what would be going in the inlay and how many pages and such. Important things to Continue reading

A very fun weekend for all – Carl.

So this weekend was divided in two. One half of Marry Another played a gig, the other half went to Wales for a stag do. I am in the stag do half!

So myself and our keyboardist Whisky went to our friends stag do in Wales. A weekend away with the lads and the alcohol. Friday night was spent drinking and watching the worlds greatest action movie. Black Cobra. If you don’t know it, IMDB it, and be blown away!

Saturday came, as it often does after Friday. The plan of action for Saturday. Paintballing. I had never been myself so I was very excited about it. I was also a little unprepared. Note to self: bring gloves next time! So it was 4 and a half hours of shooting at each other and strangers. Got the stag in a dress and high vis jacket to make it easier to see and therefor shoot. I was actually pretty good at it and hit numerous head shots. The evening ended with more drinking and the watching of Severance.

As we were going to bed for the night, I realised that we hadn’t messed up the stag as much as we ought to. A brief team meeting was held in the bedroom furthest from the stag and a plan was hatched. A spare mattress was to be put on top of him and he was to be duct taped to it. As a finishing touch, boxers on the head. We executed the plan perfectly I am happy to say.

Sunday brought with it an even earlier start than Saturday as we had to be out by 10am. Then it was off to the Go Kart track. I had also never done this before. So much fun. Really want to go again now. I think I caught the bug!! Got back home in time for tea, then it was back out again to carry on the drinks. Ended up somehow getting a lock in at a pub. A very messy but very fun weekend!