So this is the New Year… – Adrian.

So things have been a little shaken up around these parts recently, a happy/sad dichotomy. Fear not though, for we remain!

However, it is with regret that I have to announce formally the departure of Carl from the physical Marry Another stable. Carl ranks amongst the greatest people that I know, and has been massively influential in the way that Marry Another has gone forward; both musically and schematically. Put short, we owe him a lot, and wish him the best of luck with his further ventures! Carl will remain the studio bassist with Marry Another; which, with him being near enough¬†irreplaceable is a very good thing! Unfortunately it will not be in the near future that you see him rocking out with us on stage, but I’m not ruling it out entirely.

Two thousand and twelve has had its ups and downs, the good, the bad; all have had their impact on our ability to be a ‘band’. Personal loss has had its part to play in my particular case. But with the advent of a new year we have new hope, and as such should have some news line up wise in the coming weeks, hopefully leading to a renewed impetus.

Our album, ‘The Enlightenment’, should be finished within the next couple of months; with that in mind we would like to thank Tim at Voltage for his involvement, stellar chap that he is.

To summarise, one way or another, you will be seeing and hearing much more of us this year than last!

All the best.

Adrian and Marry Another.

So I Recorded This Song… – Carl.

Following on from Adrians post. I wanted to fill you in on the recording process for this song. We wanted a specific sound for it. I hope that we got it.

The feel of the song we were going for was that of a campfire sing-a-long. We decided to record Adrian live with just 2 mics in the room aimed at him but not closely. We wanted to capture the rooms natural acoustic properties and not make it sound too polished. Basically, vocal and Continue reading

We are still alive! – Carl.

Things might appear a little barren around these here internet parts lately. Do not fret though. We are still very much going. It’s hard to describe what we are at the moment. It’s not a break, its a pause due to outside influences. If that sounds too cryptic I shall put it another way.
Adrian is in the Isle of Man doing some teacher stuff. So its a bit hard to function without our singer/guitarist. We don’t lend ourselves to 20 minute instrumental songs really.
That being said, if you do live on the Isle of Man, keep your eyes and ears peeled for Adrian doing some solo stuff over there. He has his guitar!
When I have enough money (curse you Christmas shopping) myself and Whisky will head into the studio to finish our parts for our debut album.
Anyhow, that’s all for now.

Peace, love and unity. X


Outside of band stuff – Carl.

So as you may have gathered from our other posts. I (Carl) enjoy a spot of photography. With that in mind I decided to take a picture a day. For one whole year. This year as it happens. A leap year. I am posting them up on my personal WordPress page. with a little story to go along with each picture.
I am enjoying it so far. This first month is on my little digital compact camera. The rest of the months will be film, so there will be a delay. I will keep some of Januarys pictures back to help fill the gap that will be Feb. I am not looking forward to my medium format camera months. Especially the box camera one. They will be expensive months! So far I have a camera a month, for 10 of the 12 months. So I think by the time its finished, I will have bought another 2 cameras minimum!

Anyway. If this is something that interests you then feel free to follow my personal WordPress or follow me on Twitter. @Chappers_ma where I will tweet everytime I post a new photo. Or just follow the band Twitter and every now and then I will tweet about it on there.

I hope you will enjoy my year of pictures and understand my reasons for not posting daily!

Much love. Carlos.

Banjo – Carl.

So a few years ago I bought a banjo on a whim, as one does. I played a few gigs with it in the band, wrote a few parts for songs but never really dedicated myself to it as I should. It slowly got relegated to it coming out every couple of months, to just going in storage.

Well, like the phoenix, it has risen from the ashes to be played again! I am really enjoying playing it this time around, in no small part because of Sufjan Stevens and a capo. If you don’t know who Sufjan is, shame on you! If you do, then you will know he plays the banjo a fair amount on his albums, but it is not super fast banjo that most players are obsessed with. This has been great for me, as when I am learning, I like to play along at first. It helps get me excited about the instrument and it feels like you are jamming with a band.

So, the banjo might well be out again for future gigs, and even on record. Keep your fingers crossed if you are a fan of this under appreciated instrument!

A Happy Sadness – Carl.

So today would’ve been a day filled with joy. Instead that joy has been very much overshadowed by sadness. I am not really one for sharing my soul on the internet, but someone very close to me is now lay in a hospital bed recovering from a serious car accident. I can’t visit at it happened in another country. Which makes it worse.

I had made plans to go to see one of my favourite bands of the moment. Twin Atlantic. I am still going to go, as I know that my friend wouldn’t want me to sit around being sad when we were both so excited for this day.

It’s just odd to be excitedly sad and I felt like I had to get it off my chest. There have been a lot of negative things happen around me and the band, but as always, it’s better to look forward and to brighter days. So I just leave you with these words.

Bones may break, but bones will heal.

People may leave, but they leave the door open for new ones to enter.

Sadness is the contrast that enables happiness to exist.