Bit of an update…


I played a gig on Saturday and since the album is being mixed, and there is an absence of things to tell you all about, I figured I would post the video of it! Played a couple of new tunes so any feedback is more than welcome!

In two parts so expect another post soon…

Stay safe.



I think it’s about time for an update…


I repeat:


It’s been a long time coming and thanks to everyone who sticks by us and reads the posts, comes to the gigs et&.

It’s being mixed now by our lovely friends at Voltage Records and it should be out before the end of the year hopefully the end of summer – the artwork is in the safe hands of @daylp.

Belting stuff.


It’s a good feeling to know that we’re now beginning to gain some momentum. There’s going to be further developments regarding the line-up of the band, but it’s safe to say that by July (at the latest) we’ll have finished the 12 track album: Marry Another Presents The Enlightenment. This album has been in the pipeline for a long time now, so it’s pleasing to know that we should be promoting by Summer, if not earlier.

There’re plenty of new songs that we’re working on that have taken a slightly new direction. Hopefully, some of this material will be available on line so keep your eyes peeled for that.


Before now, I’ve never really added to the blog, if ever! So from now on I will be making an effort to post on a regular basis. Firstly, I’d like to mention the new accretions to the band, Rachel and Emily; a Violist and Vocalist respectively. This new line-up was sounding great at the last practice and comes at a perfect time to allow us to push forward with the band on the whole. I’m really excited about the completion of the album The Enlightenment and also how our new material is sounding. As well as working on brand new songs, we also aim to re-introduce a couple of old favourites; one which I’m particularly looking forward to is Lean, I think it will work well with the addition of female vocals.

By Easter we’re aiming to have a few shows lined up, the first hopefully will be our album release party. Until then if anyone knows of any decent open mic nights please let us know.


The Outlook… Adrian

So here is my take on what I hope 2013 holds in store…

Firstly our merry troupe of musicians is to be bolstered by the addition of two more! Something which will see the very much needed revival of our motivation and also a change in our dynamic; this will be a good year.

Expect to hear different voices not only on stage, but on this very platform as well; although I’m sure I can convince Carl to cameo.

Two things will happen this year come hell or high water; ‘The Enlightenment’ will be released, and ‘Good Night, Good Luck, Keep Watch’ will too. It’s about bloody time after all. With a bit of luck we will be gigging a lot more also.

More news to follow.

Keep your ear to the grindstone.


So this is the New Year… – Adrian.

So things have been a little shaken up around these parts recently, a happy/sad dichotomy. Fear not though, for we remain!

However, it is with regret that I have to announce formally the departure of Carl from the physical Marry Another stable. Carl ranks amongst the greatest people that I know, and has been massively influential in the way that Marry Another has gone forward; both musically and schematically. Put short, we owe him a lot, and wish him the best of luck with his further ventures! Carl will remain the studio bassist with Marry Another; which, with him being near enough irreplaceable is a very good thing! Unfortunately it will not be in the near future that you see him rocking out with us on stage, but I’m not ruling it out entirely.

Two thousand and twelve has had its ups and downs, the good, the bad; all have had their impact on our ability to be a ‘band’. Personal loss has had its part to play in my particular case. But with the advent of a new year we have new hope, and as such should have some news line up wise in the coming weeks, hopefully leading to a renewed impetus.

Our album, ‘The Enlightenment’, should be finished within the next couple of months; with that in mind we would like to thank Tim at Voltage for his involvement, stellar chap that he is.

To summarise, one way or another, you will be seeing and hearing much more of us this year than last!

All the best.

Adrian and Marry Another.

A Practice Song – Carl.

So we had a lovely cold practice on Wednesday and we filmed some of it. This is one of the videos from that practice. The song is called Bad Book Bindings and it will be on our upcoming album. I really love this song. It’s a fun dancy type of song.

Hope you enjoy it too!