Damn You Strawberry Lace video is up and running – Carl.

I hope you enjoy the video. It’s just a nice simple bit of footage of the two of us (Carl & Adrian) jamming in the studio.


New (Old) Song Update – Adrian.

OK, so Carl was true to his word and managed to get the song sorted. ┬áBasically it’s an idea that’s been kicking around for a while that we never did anything with, as he says it’s unlikely to be released anywhere else; it’s just this idea of putting tid-bits out there in the hope that they will keep you all entertained!

It’s a pretty sad song, the lyrics date back to quite a chaotic time for someone I know. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but perhaps some people will relate. In complete anachronism to this is the songs title, “Damn You, Strawberry Lace”. This occurred after at a venue we were playing, Carl, after three days of not sleeping due to nights out/work was is in something of a sorry state; fighting a losing battle with a cardboard cup of pick ‘n’ mix, when he uttered this very phrase. These are the kind of things I just have to write down to use as song titles when the obvious choice would be too derivative and generic. And to inject a certain amount of cheer into an other wise dour subject.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy!

‘Damn You, Strawberry Lace!’

By the way, as Carl mentioned, there’s a video on its way!