Being the Good Guy (Red Faction Armageddon) – Carl.

Another game related post. Sorry!

Well, I downloaded the Red Faction Armageddon demo a few day ago. I have never played any of the other Red Faction games, but I am loving this demo. The Magnet Gun is amazing.

Now as most other people who played this game will have done, I destroyed everything. And I do mean everything. This was fine and dandy for a while, but then I realised that I would never be that much of a dick. If I had the power to rebuild any surrounds that had been damaged, even before I had gotten there, then I would. I wouldn’t just destroy everything and bound through the world like a toddler with a bazooka! So, on that thought, I started to play the game a little differently.Everything that Continue reading


It’s true. We haven’t gone into hibernation or hiatus or whatever it is that bands do before they get back together. We have been working hard on new material. Finishing off a self produced War Poetry EP and coming to terms with being a 4 piece for the moment. [4 and a half. Ewan is just so far away and so busy that he can only make certain gigs.]

So I decided to whet your musical appetites with one of the songs from the War EP. The EP is called ‘Good Night, Good Luck, Keep Watch’ and it’s been a labour of love to say the least! The song I decided to load up is one of my favourites from the EP and it’s titled ‘The Gal’ It’s not quite finished yet so it has been loaded up in the ‘Demo Songs’ section. It just needs a tiny bit more mixing and a female vocalist to replace the male guide track. However, I think it’s good enough to be online to get you all curious as to what else we have been up to. I also personally really enjoy hearing demo songs from bands. It’s nice to see how the songs take shape and inevitably change. With that in mind, I also loaded up two more songs that we have Demo’d for our debut Album.

Head over to the ‘Demo Songs’ page and have a listen now. I hope you enjoy our little ditties.

Much love.


Recording. – Adrian.

So it’s been a fairly busy week for me! Fixing camera lenses, studying Physics, getting ill and recording! Luckily the recording bit went pretty well and I can provide evidence in the form of a work in progress demo!

This song is called ‘This Descent’:

We’ve been fairly quiet about what we’re up to as a band but expect some announcements soon!

Adrian. (@ade_ma)