A Happy Sadness – Carl.

So today would’ve been a day filled with joy. Instead that joy has been very much overshadowed by sadness. I am not really one for sharing my soul on the internet, but someone very close to me is now lay in a hospital bed recovering from a serious car accident. I can’t visit at it happened in another country. Which makes it worse.

I had made plans to go to see one of my favourite bands of the moment. Twin Atlantic. I am still going to go, as I know that my friend wouldn’t want me to sit around being sad when we were both so excited for this day.

It’s just odd to be excitedly sad and I felt like I had to get it off my chest. There have been a lot of negative things happen around me and the band, but as always, it’s better to look forward and to brighter days. So I just leave you with these words.

Bones may break, but bones will heal.

People may leave, but they leave the door open for new ones to enter.

Sadness is the contrast that enables happiness to exist.