Banjo – Carl.

So a few years ago I bought a banjo on a whim, as one does. I played a few gigs with it in the band, wrote a few parts for songs but never really dedicated myself to it as I should. It slowly got relegated to it coming out every couple of months, to just going in storage.

Well, like the phoenix, it has risen from the ashes to be played again! I am really enjoying playing it this time around, in no small part because of Sufjan Stevens and a capo. If you don’t know who Sufjan is, shame on you! If you do, then you will know he plays the banjo a fair amount on his albums, but it is not super fast banjo that most players are obsessed with. This has been great for me, as when I am learning, I like to play along at first. It helps get me excited about the instrument and it feels like you are jamming with a band.

So, the banjo might well be out again for future gigs, and even on record. Keep your fingers crossed if you are a fan of this under appreciatedĀ instrument!