Bit of an update…


I played a gig on Saturday and since the album is being mixed, and there is an absence of things to tell you all about, I figured I would post the video of it! Played a couple of new tunes so any feedback is more than welcome!

In two parts so expect another post soon…

Stay safe.


A Practice Song – Carl.

So we had a lovely cold practice on Wednesday and we filmed some of it. This is one of the videos from that practice. The song is called Bad Book Bindings and it will be on our upcoming album. I really love this song. It’s a fun dancy type of song.

Hope you enjoy it too!

So I Recorded This Song… – Carl.

Following on from Adrians post. I wanted to fill you in on the recording process for this song. We wanted a specific sound for it. I hope that we got it.

The feel of the song we were going for was that of a campfire sing-a-long. We decided to record Adrian live with just 2 mics in the room aimed at him but not closely. We wanted to capture the rooms natural acoustic properties and not make it sound too polished. Basically, vocal and Continue reading

James McCartney gig – Carl.

Well I have to say. Wow that was a fun gig!! Oddly, even the load in was fun. Got to use an old school service elevator. You know the type. The sliding doors and buttons on the outside to send the lift down whilst you take the stairs. I don’t know why, but it made my day ­čÖé
Sound-check went great, even though we were down a member (Andy was working in Wales so could only make the gig) for it. I tried my best to sound-check my bass and his keys at the same time. :p Once sound-check was done we chilled in the dressing room for a bit. Got stuck in to the rider ((how rock and roll) and just Continue reading

New (Old) Song Update – Adrian.

OK, so Carl was true to his word and managed to get the song sorted. ┬áBasically it’s an idea that’s been kicking around for a while that we never did anything with, as he says it’s unlikely to be released anywhere else; it’s just this idea of putting tid-bits out there in the hope that they will keep you all entertained!

It’s a pretty sad song, the lyrics date back to quite a chaotic time for someone I know. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but perhaps some people will relate. In complete anachronism to this is the songs title, “Damn You, Strawberry Lace”. This occurred after at a venue we were playing, Carl, after three days of not sleeping due to nights out/work was is in something of a sorry state; fighting a losing battle with a cardboard cup of pick ‘n’ mix, when he uttered this very phrase. These are the kind of things I just have to write down to use as song titles when the obvious choice would be too derivative and generic. And to inject a certain amount of cheer into an other wise dour subject.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy!

‘Damn You, Strawberry Lace!’

By the way, as Carl mentioned, there’s a video on its way!