Fisheye – Carl.

So I got my Fisheye 2 plus Underwater case. Very happy with it. Rushed to finish my first roll to see the results. I am very pleased. Can’t wait to go swimming with the little beast and document underwater fun!

I do have some concerns about the build quality though. Does anyone else own a Fisheye2 Lomography camera? If so, please could you confirm if this is normal or not.

Advance wheel issue. When I wind on to the next frame, for the first 5 or so, it winds back a little when I release it. I can also wind the wheeel back as well.

Film winder issue. The arm is loose. I feel like it should snap back down, but it wobbles freely.

Are these normal quirks, or do I have a fault?


New Camera High!! – Carl.

So I am going on Holiday next month for 3 weeks to a beautiful country. I don’t really need to buy any new clothes for it really. Got enough shorts and t-shirts to last a lifetime. However, I was given a voucher for for my birthday and have been struggling trying to decide what to spend it on. I was going to get £50 worth of film, but felt like it wasn’t really a wise thing to do.

A week ago I had a brain wave. I should get an underwater camera so that I can go to the beach and take sweet shots. I finally got round to buying my camera today. I got a fisheye 2 plus the waterproof casing. I also treated myself to 3 rolls of film. Total cost to me £43. A saving of like £73 as it was a bundle deal, plus I had some piggies to spend (lomography website term)

I have also been playing my guitar recently. I have totally fallen in love with playing CKY riffs. So much fun. Plus, great little finger work outs as they have big stretches in the songs.

I have also got some really great shots back that I am very proud of. I will save those for another day though.


One other thing. How do people blog daily!! Seriously, my life is pretty busy and I don’t even do that much!! Madness. I shall re-focus myself on blogging again. I realise that we have had a lull in posts and this is not acceptable! I can only apologise.  :p


Catch you on the flip side.

Musings – Carl.

So I’ve just sat and watched Shutter Island and I actually really enjoyed it. It was one of those films that I felt I wouldn’t really enjoy so I wasn’t that drawn to it. I love it when something pleasantly surprises you.

So the album is coming along nicely and we are hoping to be able to put some demos online soon. Just a case of getting the last pieces of the puzzle together really! If only we didn’t all have to work.

As you have no doubt gathered by now, I love to take photographs. Below are some of my favourite that I have taken using my friends Zenit EM slr camera. It’s heavy as hell and a little old school but I really like the shots that I got.

My Gu Go and Me – Carl.

A seed is planted.

For as long as I can remember my step dad has had 3 cameras that he basically used as decorations. Two were box cameras and one was a slightly more conventional looking camera. I never really paid that much attention to them other than I thought they looked pretty cool in a retro/vintage sort of way.

This all changed in November of 2010. I had just started to get into photography after an amazing trip to Japan, and really fell in love with film cameras. I loved the whole process that came with film. This new love of photography and film cameras specifically lead me to ask my step dad if the cameras on display were functioning models. His answer, rather unassuringly was that last time he used them they worked. However, that was at least 30 years ago. I did not let this fact deter me from my mission.

The resurrection.

The first camera I decided to try out was the GuGo as this looked more like the cameras I was used to seeing. It was covered in thick grime. I assumed that this was what happens to dust that never gets dusted off. The camera was also missing a few screws and at first, the focus wheel would not turn at all. I got myself a thin needle and removed the grime that was on the focus wheel runners and managed to turn it to three focus points. Being very new to photography I wasn’t sure what the numbers referred to distance wise. Was it feet, meters or centimetres? I again asked my step dad, and the answer was even less helpful than last time. “I have no idea” came the rather frank reply.

After an hour or so, I had removed all the grime, got the focus wheel turning as much as I could and was extremely excited to try it out. The only major issue with the camera was the fact that the viewfinder was incredibly dirty on the inside so it made picture taking pretty difficult to say the least. It was going to be more of a hope and pray process!

All bets are off.

I took the camera down to my local camera store to see what they made of it. After amazing a couple browsing the store about how old it was (initially a guess of around the 50 year mark) and the fact that you could still get film for it I spoke to the staff for a good 10 minutes or so on the best course of action. They concluded that it would be best to try out colour negative film. That is, black and white film that uses the same chemical process as colour film (C41) so that the cost wouldn’t be sky high to develop and also the fact that they doubted that the lens on the camera would be able to pick up much detail with colour film. The patience I had to see if the camera functioned at all was nonexistent. I walked out of the camera store, around the building to China Town and back again, with a finished roll and a very excited feeling.

I waited a few days to collect the rolls of film (I had also got one of the box cameras up and running. The Ensign all distance to be precise and shot a roll on that too) Myself and the staff at London Camera Exchange were very impressed about how clear and crisp the pictures were. Light leaks aside, the camera functioned surprisingly well. I just needed to find some screws for the body and clean the viewfinder up.

The rebirth.

I decided to call into ‘The Real Camera’ shop around the corner to pick up some expired film and see if they knew anything about the cameras history, as I couldn’t find anything on it online at all. Interestingly, the guys there had never seen my camera before, or even heard of it for that matter. This had them rather interested about it. So much so that he let me sift through a box of screws to sort out the light leaks. He also got an encyclopaedic type book out on cameras and actually found out a bit of information on the camera. They were made in the 1950’s in the US Military zone of Germany, which meant that the camera was 60 years old and still shooting strong! Oddly, this date contradicts the story of how the camera came to be in possession of my family.

My step dad claimed that his brother received it whilst on a Naval boat in the war from a German soldier that they rescued from the Ocean. The camera was given as a thank you for saving his life. Obviously this tale could’ve been shortened over the years to become something a little left of the truth. I have an inclination that it was a gift from after the War and it was sent as a thank you. Not received on the ship itself. However that is all just conjecture and assumptions on my part.

Whilst talking to one of the staff members there, I suggested he look through the viewfinder to see how bad this was. He thought for a moment, and then asked if I was in a hurry. I was not and told him so. He then said that he would give the glass in the viewfinder a quick clean, as he always likes seeing old cameras restored to usable conditions. Whilst cleaning the glass he said that he normally charges for this service, but seeing as he offered to do it, it would be on the house. Once he had finished up I took another look through and was amazed at the difference. A few scratches, but otherwise very clear. I bought some expired black and white film and said my goodbyes.

The improvements to the pictures after visiting ‘The Real Camera’ shop have been vast. Hardly any light leakage now and I can actually see through the viewfinder. I have since tried a roll of colour film in, and every picture came out fine. It’s such a quirky little camera that has an amazing history to it and a very unique shooting style due to it’s half working parts (the 1/25th shutter speed sometimes sticks open so I only use 1/75th or B mode, plus it can only focus between 3ft and 15ft)

A very fun weekend for all – Carl.

So this weekend was divided in two. One half of Marry Another played a gig, the other half went to Wales for a stag do. I am in the stag do half!

So myself and our keyboardist Whisky went to our friends stag do in Wales. A weekend away with the lads and the alcohol. Friday night was spent drinking and watching the worlds greatest action movie. Black Cobra. If you don’t know it, IMDB it, and be blown away!

Saturday came, as it often does after Friday. The plan of action for Saturday. Paintballing. I had never been myself so I was very excited about it. I was also a little unprepared. Note to self: bring gloves next time! So it was 4 and a half hours of shooting at each other and strangers. Got the stag in a dress and high vis jacket to make it easier to see and therefor shoot. I was actually pretty good at it and hit numerous head shots. The evening ended with more drinking and the watching of Severance.

As we were going to bed for the night, I realised that we hadn’t messed up the stag as much as we ought to. A brief team meeting was held in the bedroom furthest from the stag and a plan was hatched. A spare mattress was to be put on top of him and he was to be duct taped to it. As a finishing touch, boxers on the head. We executed the plan perfectly I am happy to say.

Sunday brought with it an even earlier start than Saturday as we had to be out by 10am. Then it was off to the Go Kart track. I had also never done this before. So much fun. Really want to go again now. I think I caught the bug!! Got back home in time for tea, then it was back out again to carry on the drinks. Ended up somehow getting a lock in at a pub. A very messy but very fun weekend!

Productive Day II – Carl.

Yesterday we were back in the studio again. This time we were sorting out the keyboard parts. Managed to get five laid down in just under 2 hours. We are killing this album. Honest to God killing it! I really can’t wait until all the songs are done and we can share with the world the songs we have. 🙂 It’s been a long time coming and a winding road of a journey to get to this point, but I wouldn’t change anything as I think all these little upsets and mishaps have shaped the bands sound and determination to get to this point right now. 🙂

I took a few photos whilst we were at the studio the other day tracking the drums that I thought I’d share with you now. Taken on my friends Zenit EM SLR. A beast of Russian engineering and slightly confusing to use at first!

 Peace and Love.


Zebra on the loose in Manchester! – Carl.

Did anyone see the Zebra running wild around Manchester today. It was crazy. It was in and out of shops and everything. If you know why it was loose please let us know!!!

Just in case you all don’t believe me, I managed to get a picture of it in Urban Outfitters.

My beautiful City – Carl.

One of my favourite cities in the UK also happens to be the city that is closest to me and I have lived in. Now, before you start to think that the reason for this is because I haven’t spent much time in other cities, I will mention the fact that I had a 2 year relationship with a girl who lived in Newcastle and I often pop over to Leeds and Sheffield. I just really love what Manchester has to offer. Continue reading