New Tracks – Carl.

Well, that title is a little misleading. I have swapped out some tracks in the ‘recordings’ section. ‘Grave’ and ‘A Widows Lament’ are now there for your listening pleasure. They have been available to listen to elsewhere on the net. If this is your one stop Marry Another shop though, then these will be new to you!

Enjoy. I know I just did. I forgot how lovely ‘Grave’ sounds, especially listening on my headphones. ūüôā


Carl @chappers_ma

New Camera High!! – Carl.

So I am going on Holiday next month for 3 weeks to a beautiful country. I don’t really need to buy any new clothes for it really. Got enough shorts and t-shirts to last a lifetime. However, I was given a voucher for for my birthday and have been struggling trying to decide what to spend it on. I was going to get ¬£50 worth of film, but felt like it wasn’t really a wise thing to do.

A week ago I had a brain wave. I should get an underwater camera so that I can go to the beach and take sweet shots. I finally got round to buying my camera today. I got a fisheye 2 plus the waterproof casing. I also treated myself to 3 rolls of film. Total cost to me £43. A saving of like £73 as it was a bundle deal, plus I had some piggies to spend (lomography website term)

I have also been playing my guitar recently. I have totally fallen in love with playing CKY riffs. So much fun. Plus, great little finger work outs as they have big stretches in the songs.

I have also got some really great shots back that I am very proud of. I will save those for another day though.


One other thing. How do people blog daily!! Seriously, my life is pretty busy and I don’t even do that much!! Madness. I shall re-focus myself on blogging again. I realise that we have had a lull in posts and this is not acceptable! I can only¬†apologise. ¬†:p


Catch you on the flip side.