A Practice Song – Carl.

So we had a lovely cold practice on Wednesday and we filmed some of it. This is one of the videos from that practice. The song is called Bad Book Bindings and it will be on our upcoming album. I really love this song. It’s a fun dancy type of song.

Hope you enjoy it too!

So I Recorded This Song… – Carl.

Following on from Adrians post. I wanted to fill you in on the recording process for this song. We wanted a specific sound for it. I hope that we got it.

The feel of the song we were going for was that of a campfire sing-a-long. We decided to record Adrian live with just 2 mics in the room aimed at him but not closely. We wanted to capture the rooms natural acoustic properties and not make it sound too polished. Basically, vocal and Continue reading

Who wants to see Adrian looking a little bit like a fool? – Carl.

OK internet people, here’s the thing. I have been slowly getting around to syncing up the audio/video for our homemade video for the song ‘Tonight We Are The World.’ I had all this extra footage that, well, made me laugh. So I did what anyone with spare time did. I cut the footage up and made a ‘behind the scenes’ type video. It made me laugh. I showed it to Ade, he also laughed, as did his dad. So now we have this video knocking about. If you want to see it let us know. I really want it uploaded, so even if it is just one comment saying yes, it will be loaded up! Your call internet.
To be fair to Ade, I have a video of me doing karaoke in Japan. I can load this up as well if it is requested. (don’t request it)

On the ‘Tonight’ video front, it’s almost done. Hopefully getting the final shots on Tuesday then just a case of editing and then it’s all sorted.

Your friendly neighbourhood bassist.


Damn You Strawberry Lace…The Video – Carl

So a short while ago, myself and Adrian recorded a quick acoustic number ‘live’ in the studio. We also set up a few cameras and filmed it. I am not a video editor at all, but I can amble through most programs. This is what I have been doing for the last few weeks with it. I have used a few different programs and finally found one that I get on with. I am still using it in a very backwards way, but it is the easiest of the programs. However, I had to convert one of the files to a different format, yada yada yada. Needless to say, it has been a little frustrating.

Today I finally finished it!!!!!

I am just rendering the video with a few different file types to try and get the best sounding audio from it that I can. Then it will be on our Youtube page (http://www.youtube.com/marryanother in case you didn’t already know :p) and I will post another blog with it linked as well.

I hope you enjoy it. Expect it up either in the next 20 minutes or early in the morning (depends on how long it takes to render. Band practice tonight)

New Song Delay – Carl

So I was going to be posting a little acoustic number that myself and Ade recorded on Thursday night. However, I am having issues with Pro Tools at home. I am trying to fix it now, I hope I can sort it quickly. If not then I will just have to use it at the studio, but that will mean waiting a few more days before it is up.

I can tell you about it though. 🙂


It is called ‘Damn You Strawberry Lace’ I play 12 string guitar on it, Ade sings and plays 6 string guitar. We played it live in the studio after taking 10 minutes to jam it out. We also set up a few cameras and I am gonna cut together a little live video for it as well. It is raw. No overdubs or retakes. We played it through 3 times, and I am just going to use one of the takes.


This is something that if the feedback is good for it, we will do more often. It’s something fun. The songs won’t be on the album (I don’t think) just some acoustic tracks to share with you guys whilst we sort out the album.


So, just sit tight and it will be with you soon 🙂


It’s true. We haven’t gone into hibernation or hiatus or whatever it is that bands do before they get back together. We have been working hard on new material. Finishing off a self produced War Poetry EP and coming to terms with being a 4 piece for the moment. [4 and a half. Ewan is just so far away and so busy that he can only make certain gigs.]

So I decided to whet your musical appetites with one of the songs from the War EP. The EP is called ‘Good Night, Good Luck, Keep Watch’ and it’s been a labour of love to say the least! The song I decided to load up is one of my favourites from the EP and it’s titled ‘The Gal’ It’s not quite finished yet so it has been loaded up in the ‘Demo Songs’ section. It just needs a tiny bit more mixing and a female vocalist to replace the male guide track. However, I think it’s good enough to be online to get you all curious as to what else we have been up to. I also personally really enjoy hearing demo songs from bands. It’s nice to see how the songs take shape and inevitably change. With that in mind, I also loaded up two more songs that we have Demo’d for our debut Album.

Head over to the ‘Demo Songs’ page and have a listen now. I hope you enjoy our little ditties.

Much love.


Productive Day II – Carl.

Yesterday we were back in the studio again. This time we were sorting out the keyboard parts. Managed to get five laid down in just under 2 hours. We are killing this album. Honest to God killing it! I really can’t wait until all the songs are done and we can share with the world the songs we have. 🙂 It’s been a long time coming and a winding road of a journey to get to this point, but I wouldn’t change anything as I think all these little upsets and mishaps have shaped the bands sound and determination to get to this point right now. 🙂

I took a few photos whilst we were at the studio the other day tracking the drums that I thought I’d share with you now. Taken on my friends Zenit EM SLR. A beast of Russian engineering and slightly confusing to use at first!

 Peace and Love.


Reflections on a day in the studio… – Adrian.

So yesterday went exceeding well over at Banter Studios, and I’m pleased to say I can now post a list of the songs which we managed to drum track. Expect the album ‘The Enlightenment’ to be out later this year!

The titles of the songs are:

The Spectator

A Widow’s Lament

In A City Under Siege


We All Fall Down


Cut To The Quick


For Years

Bad Bookbinding [LOVE + LOSS = LIFE]

This Descent

The Champion

It’s tricky to tell from the picture but lately I’ve been compulsively listening to The King Is Dead, the new album from the Decemberists; and also taking photos and doing some writing. I seriously recommend checking TKID out, it’s a great album.


Productive day – Carl.

Productive day – Carl.

What a way to start the day. Up bright and early for once to get down to the studio to get some drum tracks down for our album. Somehow managed to get 3 musicians up before midday, a miracle in itself!

Arrived at the studio, had a brew and then set up to record. The day went so much better than anticipated. 12 drum tracks down in 4 hours, and probably half the bass tracks are keepers too. Not bad at all. Had an incredibly enjoyable day. Also snapped some pics with my friends Zenit EM slr, just have to finish the roll off and then I can share with the world the pictures I snapped. Long live film! Nothing beats the excitement of seeing your pictures the first time when you get them back from the camera store. Ade also snapped some on his Olympus OM10, which a beautiful slr film camera.

After finishing at the studio myself and Ade had a nice little jam back at our rehearsal place and then hit the pub for a wind down/general chill out. All in all a great day.

Back home now listening to The Arcade Fire 🙂 Perfect end to a fantastic day!