Holiday Snaps – Carl.

A few holiday snaps from Poland. It’s not all doom and gloom. Contrary to these pictures. I just haven’t had the other rolls of film developed yet! I had a fantastic time over there. Really nice place.


Am I Going Crazy, Or Is It The World Around Me? – Carl.

I am getting very fed up these days. I see something I want to read via Facebook (I know, I can’t believe I am blogging about Facebook. Ugh) and when I click on the story I have to download an app. I don’t want an app. I want that story. Now you are making me google a Yahoo news story. Idiots.
If you get the song which is where the title is from. Hi Five. Or even the band. that will also get a hi five. I feel like happiness should be restored. Hi fives restore happiness.

The reason this makes no sense is that it’s 5:30am and I haven’t slept yet. I have played a lot of Skyrim as well.

I take full responsibility for this stupid pointless post.


Ear candy right here. My music taste – Carl.

I have the internet again. So I might go a little post happy in the next few days/minutes.

I just wanted to share with you a mix I did on 8tracks. I really like 8tracks. It’s super fun to use and great for finding new music.

My mix is all instrumental music. I do listen to music with vocals as well, but I enjoy how I can get lost in the instrumental tracks.

I hope that you like the mix. If you have any mixes you have done then by all means drop a link in the comments section. I love discovering new music.

Oh yeah. Don’t worry Adrian. I know you are not into instrumentals, so you just keep out of this one yeah!

Who wants to see Adrian looking a little bit like a fool? – Carl.

OK internet people, here’s the thing. I have been slowly getting around to syncing up the audio/video for our homemade video for the song ‘Tonight We Are The World.’ I had all this extra footage that, well, made me laugh. So I did what anyone with spare time did. I cut the footage up and made a ‘behind the scenes’ type video. It made me laugh. I showed it to Ade, he also laughed, as did his dad. So now we have this video knocking about. If you want to see it let us know. I really want it uploaded, so even if it is just one comment saying yes, it will be loaded up! Your call internet.
To be fair to Ade, I have a video of me doing karaoke in Japan. I can load this up as well if it is requested. (don’t request it)

On the ‘Tonight’ video front, it’s almost done. Hopefully getting the final shots on Tuesday then just a case of editing and then it’s all sorted.

Your friendly neighbourhood bassist.