Which is worse: graffiti or garbage? (via right in front of me)

Which is worse:  graffiti or garbage? Both are against local bylaws.  Both are frowned upon by the good citizens who pay their taxes and are, by extension, paying for both of them to be cleaned up.  Both can be eyesores, a blight on the visual landscape.  But, if I had to choose, I'd take graffiti over garbage any day of the week.  Let's be clear here, though, that the graffiti I'm talking about is ART graffiti, not tagging a random wall in a school or bathroom stall with a Sharpie; … Read More

via right in front of me

Plans for an overcast Monday – Carl.

Plans for an overcast Monday – Carl.

My day was all planned out for me today, but as we all know, even the best laid plans of mice and men go wrong. Although, mine didn’t really go wrong, I just decided to skip over a plan or two.

My day should’ve started out with an early morning of climbing and then onto Manchester. However, I forfeited the early morning start for a gigantic lie in. I had been crashing on sofas since Thursday night and Sunday was a return to my bed. I did not want to leave my bed!

The next part of my Monday plan came together though. Rather surprisingly. It was meeting Ade in Manchester to pick up some stuff and generally just hang out. I actually managed to meet on time and we had a rather nice day sampling the beers in various pubs around the city, with a little wallet shopping thrown in for good measure (albeit window shopping as I didn’t find a single wallet I liked)

Back home now and time to unwind. I think my plan for the rest of the week is gonna be a more ‘see where the wind takes me’ kind of vibe. Hopefully will get a nice sunny day so I can finish off my roll of film. Weekend brings me and Whisky to a stag do and the rest of the guys in the band to a gig, so a great weekend for everyone! Roll on Friday!!

Rehearsals – Adrian.

So we rehearsed tonight, just a small fragment of Marry Another but enough to get some songs going on. Our internet presence at the moment is by no means comprehensive, but that is due to undergo a sea change. Domonique, who hasn’t really been mentioned yet as part of Marry Another, is now taking lead vocals on some songs, some of which will make it to the album. Means I get to rock out a lil’ bit. Bonus.

Anyway here she is:

This was taken at the Night & Day Cafe in Manchester supporting Lulu and the Lampshades, and I have to thank Liam from Banter Records for the shot.

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Adrian’s favourite Sheffield things.

Since I have spent the last few months getting reacquainted with Sheffield, I feel it’s only right to point out what are for me, the highlights.  It’s fast becoming my new favourite place generally.

So without further ado and in no particular order, here they are:

Molly. And Dexter, respectively. Oh and @erica_jane_mp.

Made By Jonty (@madebyjonty) is a belting cafe, a really nice place (order eggs benedict, it’s awesome!).

The Rutland Arms (@rutlandarms). Cracking pub, great beers, amazing fish finger sandwiches; and the quiz is lots of fun too. Whilst we’re on the subject of pubs, I can also highly recommend The Sheffield Tap (@sheffieldtap) for Jaipur especially, and The Sheaf – Farmers Blonde being my personal favourite.

Pho68 on London Road is a splendid little place too. Really good value and excellent victuals.

Popped into a surprisingly cool little bookshop called ‘Rare and Racy’ which I can fully endorse; before nipping over to Harrison’s Cameras for some film, again a place I’d use again. If you’re into Lomography then you should also check out Kuji Shop (@teebagdesigns).

If you’re going to go to the flicks whilst on what we Mancunians refer to as the wrong side of the Pennines, it has to be the Showroom. You can take a beer in with you, need I say more? If it’s too early for a beer; Cocoa (@cocoawonderland) is really good for a brew!

There are a lot more places that deserve recognition but I simply haven’t time in this post to mention them all!

And so, back to band orientated material. With the drums provisionally done, the next step is overdubs; which we’re hoping to start in the next couple of weeks. Don’t forget you can catch Marry Another live the next two Saturdays running, we’re in Manchester at Taurus on the 5th March, then Dickens Bar in Rotherham on the 12th with the lovely Gypsy Toes (@_gypsytoes). Should be fun!

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Reflections on a day in the studio… – Adrian.

So yesterday went exceeding well over at Banter Studios, and I’m pleased to say I can now post a list of the songs which we managed to drum track. Expect the album ‘The Enlightenment’ to be out later this year!

The titles of the songs are:

The Spectator

A Widow’s Lament

In A City Under Siege


We All Fall Down


Cut To The Quick


For Years

Bad Bookbinding [LOVE + LOSS = LIFE]

This Descent

The Champion

It’s tricky to tell from the picture but lately I’ve been compulsively listening to The King Is Dead, the new album from the Decemberists; and also taking photos and doing some writing. I seriously recommend checking TKID out, it’s a great album.


Productive day – Carl.

Productive day – Carl.

What a way to start the day. Up bright and early for once to get down to the studio to get some drum tracks down for our album. Somehow managed to get 3 musicians up before midday, a miracle in itself!

Arrived at the studio, had a brew and then set up to record. The day went so much better than anticipated. 12 drum tracks down in 4 hours, and probably half the bass tracks are keepers too. Not bad at all. Had an incredibly enjoyable day. Also snapped some pics with my friends Zenit EM slr, just have to finish the roll off and then I can share with the world the pictures I snapped. Long live film! Nothing beats the excitement of seeing your pictures the first time when you get them back from the camera store. Ade also snapped some on his Olympus OM10, which a beautiful slr film camera.

After finishing at the studio myself and Ade had a nice little jam back at our rehearsal place and then hit the pub for a wind down/general chill out. All in all a great day.

Back home now listening to The Arcade Fire 🙂 Perfect end to a fantastic day!