Album Release

Ok, so it’s been a long time coming. And then some. But I think finally this weekend we will finalise the release of the album – with a short run of vinyl to come next year with God willing and a fair wind.

This is the artwork:


I hope people enjoy it. It’s only taken us a decade. 🙂

Signing off.






The Surivior [Warrant Officer 1000238]

The Surivior [Warrant Officer 1000238]

So, I wrote this song as part of the Good Night, Good Luck, Keep Watch project. In order to do so, I borrowed my late grandfather’s logbook from my grandmother and read it. I was astounded by the places he had been to and the aircraft he’d experienced. I realised how lucky it was that he had survived a major conflict. From there it sort of wrote itself.

Thanks for listening.


Once again some time has passed since our last post, we are still here though! The album is still coming together and whilst it’s reiteration we are committed to releasing it.

We released our first EP some years ago now, in fact I’m sure the process began a decade ago, however, we only released it physically. For this reason we have decided to add it the Bandcamp for the paltry sum of three pounds. If you are interested in where Marry Another started, please have a listen!


A new video…

So some considerable time ago, Carl and I (roping Matt and Whiskey in at rehearsal) spent a day recording some footage with the intention of making a video. Carl has now edited a final version – so thank you to him! Please have a look and let us know what you think, this reminds me of some good times!

It’s been a while…

Thought I’d post a bit of a update. Things are slow in the MA camp; with us now having a lot of ‘grown up’ pursuits to pursue. These two take up quite a bit of my time:

Arte & Bebe

Arte (big one) & Bebe (little one)

The one thing that is receiving my attention currently is the war EP, with hopefully some big news coming soon.

The album, ‘Marry Another presents… The Enlightenment’ is still being mixed, but I’m still very much committed to releasing this.

Anyway, for now, tight lines…




So, recently I collaborated with my long time friend Ian also known as ‘We Are Harbinger’. This came about after Ian had put together a track that he sent over to me. Not what I usually set about writing lyrics to, but I thought it was ace. I recorded some vocals in my studio and sent them back over, then he set about crafting the finished song.

Please have a listen and let us know if you like it.

Signing off.


Update. – Adrian

So, it’s taken me a while to get to this. I’m normally pretty quick to welcome a new year in digitally. Slightly different this one with the band being geographically and logistically divided. Still, hopefully we will get a few gigs in this year with the remaining members still resident in a viable locale. And we have some festivals pencilled in for decent causes as is my particular wont.

On the upside my good friend Jennifer has agreed to sing ‘The Gal’ and so the war poetry ep should definitely be set for release this year. Finally. Excellent news.

The album is currently with Tim at Voltage but I am hopeful for a 2014 release. Keep checking back for updates, and take care.

Over and out.